Wednesday, 31 July 2013

FOLD Collection | Leah Doyle

As I'm sure you've all gathered by now, anything that's fashionable with a bit of architecture thrown in to the mix (and vice versa) really gets us excited. Recently we were contacted by a young designer and graduate of Bray Institute of Further Education, Leah Doyle, who reckoned we might take a fancy to her designs. Well she was darn right. Each piece in Leah's collection is inspired, and named after, many of architecture's greats. Below Leah explains the aspects of the architects' work which informed her collection's design and construction.

"The Aalto top is inspired by Alvar Aalto's Savoy vase, its sheer and soft lines.

The Van der Rohe trousers are inspired by the marble, onyx and travertine used in the Barcelona Pavilion, with its soft swirling symmetrical pattern which is repeated through the fabric.

The Loos dress has the most simple material. I read that Loos was against ornamentation in architecture so the scooped "cut out" at the front of the dress plays homage to the form of the café museum chair.

Eileen Gray's screen is the inspiration for the Gray jacket with its thick, sturdy and woven pattern.

The Wright top is inspired by the stained glass window from the Robie House, crisp, tailored lines with a high shine finish.

The Le Corbusier skirt is inspired by a photo taken in the convent de la Tourette, the clear strong lines of the verticle mullions contrast the thin, fibrous horizontal elements.

I found my initial inspiration for the collection when taking photos of buildings in town. I found I was more drawn to the materials used in the building then I was to its overall form, finding visual comparisons between the patterns, textures and shadow in the surface of the building and that of certain fabrics.
This idea is reflected in my choice of material and each garment relates to a photo documenting a piece of architecture/furniture by each of the modernist architects named in the collection." 

Leah also seems to share our love for empty carparks.... Sheer monochrome goodness! 

We're looking forward what Leah has in store for us next!

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