Thursday, 7 November 2013


Concrete Collar X Always Push from concrete collar on Vimeo.

In collaboration with the know-how of our good friend Avril Delaney, Concrete Collar ventured down the unfamiliar road of film to give you an up close and personal on all things PUSH.

PUSH watches are more than just arm candy. They signify the start of a movement which is the brainchild of Irish architects Andrew Griffin and Michael Bannon. The idea, born from a debate which questioned why good design is often exclusive, is embodied in their term 'massclusivity'. Cutting out the middleman and side tracking expenses and profit, PUSH aims to bring the product straight from the designer to the consumer.

These watches are the first product in this massclusive movement.  Economic and minimal in their execution they are refreshingly affordable with prices starting at €35 and 10% of proceeds going to Irish Cancer research. The sense of economy is carried through to the carefully crafted packaging which excited the design nerds in us almost as much as the watches themselves. No surface is left unused ensuring that there is no need for loose guarantee slips or lengthy instruction manuals.

The importance of economy rings through again on the watch face; PUSH one button to read the time, PUSH another to see the day's date. When dormant, the watch face is reflective giving you a discreet mirror with which you may subtly check yourself out in... although we are unclear whether that is intentional. Our secret's out. 

Available in a wide range of colours from lemon to our seasonal favourite, grey, our top picks are the black on black, gold on black or pure white versions.

The campaign, styled by the eternally-spot-on Aisling Farinella, has us wanting to leave all accessories on our vanity tables, adorning ourselves instead with PUSH watch goodness. 

All in all, from concept to execution, this is one deliciously seamless production and is pure music to our architecture and fashion loving ears. 

Head over to for more information and find Avril here @avril_delaney